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Availablity of right contact of your target prospects ensures 20% sales conversation and growth

We help companies to find the right contact information of their prospects. Email is the first and foremost way to connect and introduce your business/services to your prospects. and it's very tedious process to extract email and another contact of your target prospect from the pool of huge market and business segments. Hence to grow and boost your sales our experience and dedicated resource is always connected with you as an extended wing of your staff and helps you in extracting the right contact information of your prospects defined by you.

Regular supply of extracted contact details helps you in approaching only to the prospects.

Accuracy and validity of extracted contact information is checked thrice in quality audit 

With dedicated resource, you can focus on customized criteria for extraction of contact details 


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We can manage all aspects of an affiliate campaign for your business and know how to get affiliates motivated to sell your product. We know which affiliate networks are the best for your industry and we know how to build relationships that will lead to increased coverage of your product on these affiliate sites.



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